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Using the latest digital technology, video and audio editing techniques and a touch of our special magic Netfora can record your project, event, memories, images, pictures, thoughts and history.
At any time, from any where, your video images can be viewed by your prospects, customers, friends and family by streaming from the internet on sites like YouTube or a dedicated virtual server. The production can be viewed on your PDA & mobile phone or as a Video Podcast on iTunes.
Video will support and improve any website or it can be recorded onto a CD / DVD for your own controlled and targeted distribution. 

Special Interest DVDs Corporate Training
Corporate Promotions
Product Launches
Product Installation
Induction Procedures
Video on the internet
Award Ceremonies

Multi-camera recordings of Shows
Tourist Locations & Attractions
Visitor Destinations
Parties & Anniversaries
Music, Band & Group Activities
Voice overs and multitracking
Creative Editing
Freelance camera operators
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