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Netfora started out in 1995 as one of Europe's first internet companies, offering commercial web sites. These were able to take money on-line, when at the time the internet was very much the preserve of enthusiasts.
Being then based in Cornwall, it traded as Cornwall Net. The idea came from the sales potential of a TV based system named 'Prestel' which had limited success. We realised that the Internet was ideal for tourist applications and produced one of the first clickable maps of the UK so that people could easily find accommodation. In those days web design required a knowledge of programming in html and image files had to be kept small so that they could be seen within a reasonable length of time over a slow modem.
Today the company is still trading and can probably claim to be one of the oldest internet companies in the World. But although many of our old internet clients are still with us, today the focus is on video for the web and video production generally.
In 2005 we made our first DVD for the Fairbourne Railway in Wales and the success of Tracks in the Sand (initials not deliberate) led to a number of further DVDs. In 2007 the company moved to Dorset and a love afair with Christchurch. This has resulted in a number of local DVDs, community videos and corporate videos for the 'net. The first of the DVDs was The Museum of Electricity, made for Scottish and Southern Energy.
In 2009 we were invited to join a project to make a Dover based documentary about the crossing of the English Channel by replica 'heavier than air' aircraft to celebrate 100 years of the first crossing by Louis Blériot. This resulted in the DVD Centenary Flight. One year later and another similar France based project to film the story of how 2 men in different countries had the same idea. To build a replica Blériot XI and repeat the feat of Count Jacques de Lesseps 100 years after he crossed the Channel. The DVD is Wings over the Channel.
Recent projects include a promo for the Big little Thatre School and our third DVD for the Glad Rag Production Company's 'Christmas Spectacular'.
We are proud to have had the opportunity of cinema screenings at the Regent Centre for three of the films we have made. Christchurch, An Insiders' Guide, Centenary Flight and lastly Montague Jack, which Eric helped film.
New projects will be another DVD for the Fairbourne Railway and our fourth DVD of the 'Broadway Showtunes' Summer Show at the Bournemouth Pavilion for Big Little. Various corporate videos for the web will be made and if we can help you we would love to quote.



Netfora Video Productions